Our Process

Boks bacon is dry cured and cold smoked in a traditional wood fire smoker with Tasmanian Oak. Read more about the old-fashioned recipe and process that makes Boks bacon so special.

The Faces Behind The Company

Boks Bacon is brought to you by Marcus & Rick Boks. The Boks family’s bacons, hams and sausages have been a Tasmanian favourite for three generations. Read more about the people behind Boks Bacon.

Our History

The Boks family originated in Holland where they were butchers and small-goods makers. In 1951 Johannes Franciscus Andreas Boks emigrated from Holland to Australia and settled in Cygnet in the Huon Valley, Tasmania. They opened a butchery and there started the legacy of Boks Bacon.


As well as classic bacon, Boks has surprise notes in its range such as Honey Bacon and speck that is either bush honey or leatherwood honey cured. These are delicious, gourmet products.


Boks uses a time-honoured process of wood fire cold smoking its bacon with Tasmanian oak from the nearby Huon Valley.


Dry curing involves a mix of salt and sugar hand rubbed into prime pork loins, this has no added water, unlike the majority of other bacon on the market.


Award-winning products

Our products have been awarded over 40 medals and trophies